Indiana University Bloomington

Mathematics M466
Introduction To Mathematical Statistics

Contact: Natasha Blitvic
Offered: Spring, 2015
Capacity: 36
Sequence: M463
Pre-Requisites: M463, which in turn requires linear algebra.
Algebra Required: Used throughout.
Calculus Required: Hardly used.
Contact Person for Authorization: None
Instructor: Usually Lyons
Days Per Week Offered: 2 days per week with unscheduled labs for homework
Syllabus: No Syllabus Avaliable
Keywords: linear models, maximum likelihood, relationship of theory to practice
Description: When taught by Lyons, the emphasis is on understanding the theory, its assumptions and limitations, and how it is used in practice. Critical thinking is important. When taught by others, the focus is the mathematical theory.
Books: Statistics by Freedman, Pisani and Purves and Statistical Models by Freedman.
Substantive Orientation: Social sciences, but also useful for astronomy, epidemiology, and medicine.
Statistical Orientation: Frequentist.
Applied/Theoretical: It encompasses both, focusing on the link between the two.
How Software is Used: Data analysis.
Problem Sets: Yes.
Data Analysis: Yes.
Presentation: Group project.
Exams: Yes.
Comments: A lot of work is required.