Indiana University Bloomington

Public Health Q612
Survival Analysis

Contact: Zhongxue Chen
Offered: Fall, Every Year
Capacity: 30
Pre-Requisites: SPH Q501 or its equivalent
Algebra Required: yes
Calculus Required: yes
Contact Person for Authorization: Zhongxue Chen
Instructor: Zhongxue Chen
Days Per Week Offered: 2
Recommended follow-up classes: Q601, Q602, Q603, Q611
Syllabus: No Syllabus Avaliable
Keywords: survival analysis, Kaplan-Meier curve, logrank test, proportional hazard
Description: This course covers fundamental concepts and statistical methods of censored data. We will learn the following: types of censoring, examples of survival data analysis, the survival function, the hazard function, nonparametric methods, the product-limit estimator (Kaplan–Meier estimator) of the survival function, comparing two or more survival distributions, parametric survival distributions and inference, goodness of fit test for survival functions, parametric regression models, Cox’s proportional hazards model. The course will include lectures, class exercises and discussions, homework assignments and projects of survival data analysis.
Books: Required Textbook:
Elisa T. Lee, and John Wenyu Wang. (2003). Statistical Methods for Survival Data Analysis, Third edition
(ISBN: 0471369977)
Highly Recommended Complementary Readings (optional):
Paul D. Allison. (2010). Survival Analysis Using SAS: A Practical Guide, Second Edition (ISBN: 1599946408)
Formal Computing Lab: No
Software: SAS
How Software is Used: data analysis
Problem Sets: yes
Data Analysis: yes
Presentation: Yes, for course project
Exams: Midterm