Indiana University Bloomington

Biology Z620

Offered: Fall, 2014
Class Time: 10:10A-11:00A
Class Days: M, W, F
Capacity: 30
Pre-Requisites: One basic statistics course
Algebra Required: College Algebra useful
Calculus Required: no
Contact Person for Authorization: Christian Lucero
Instructor: Christian Lucero
Days Per Week Offered: 3
Recommended follow-up classes: NA
Syllabus: No Syllabus Avaliable
Keywords: general linear models, biological applications
Description: This is a second course in statistics emphasizing biological examples. We cover general linear models and use computer software to analyze data.
Books: My lecture notes. Sokal and Rohlf recommended.
Substantive Orientation: Biology
Statistical Orientation: General Linear Models
Applied/Theoretical: Applied
Formal Computing Lab: No
Software: R
How Software is Used: Extensively to analyze data
Problem Sets: Regular homework, generally weekly intervals
Data Analysis: Six mini-project homework sets and one final project
Exams: Final Project replaces an exam
Comments: Unlike previous times this course has been offered, we will only be using R, there will be no Minitab.