Indiana University Bloomington

Statistics S670
Exploratory Data Analysis

Offered: Spring, 2017
Class Time: 2:30-3:45 BH 242
Class Days: Tu, Th
Capacity: 30
Pre-Requisites: STAT-S 520 and consent of instructor
Calculus Required: None
Contact Person for Authorization: Brad Luen
Instructor: Brad Luen
Days Per Week Offered: 2
Syllabus: No Syllabus Avaliable
Description: We will explore data. This involves drawing lots of graphs, but also involves understanding what the graphs tell us, and communicating these insights to people outside the field.
Books: William S. Cleveland, Visualizing Data
Applied/Theoretical: Applied
Formal Computing Lab: No
Software: R
Problem Sets: Yes
Data Analysis: Lots
Presentation: Yes
Exams: No