Indiana University Bloomington

Computer Science B659
Reinforcement Learning For Artificial Intelligence

Contact: Adam White
Offered: Spring, 2016
Class Days: Tu, Th
Days Per Week Offered: Two
Syllabus: No Syllabus Avaliable
Description: This course will provide a comprehensive introduction to reinforcement learning as an approach to artificial intelligence, emphasizing the design of complete agents interacting with stochastic, incompletely known environments. Reinforcement learning has adapted key ideas from machine learning, operations research,psychology, and neuroscience to produce some strikingly successful engineering applications. The course will emphasize the development of intuition relating the mathematical theory of reinforcement learning to the design of human-level artificial intelligence.
Books: Sutton, R. S. and Barto, A. G. Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction. MIT Press,
Cambridge, 1998.
Applied/Theoretical: Balanced