Indiana University Bloomington

Second Language Studies S600
Issues In Quantitative Research For Language Study

Contact: Sun-Young Shin ( 10/09/12
Offered: Fall,
Capacity: 20
Sequence: N/A
Pre-Requisites: N/A
Algebra Required: Notation
Calculus Required: Concepts
Contact Person for Authorization: N/A
Instructor: Prof. Sun-Young Shin
Days Per Week Offered: Twice a week at the computer lab
Recommended follow-up classes: Multivariate Analysis
Syllabus: Download Syllabus
Keywords: Descriptive Statistics, Parametric and Non-parametric tests, T-tests, ANOVAs, Correlations, Chi-square tests, Regressions, Factor Analysis, and Reliability
Description: S600 covers basic research design, measurement, and statistical analyses used in L1/L2 quantitative research methodology, with a focus on interpreting and applying statistical procedures and on using SPSS program to run proper statistics. By the end of the semester, students will be better equipped with useful and practical knowledge of statistical analyses to explore various L1/L2 issues using quantitative research methodology.
Books: A Guide to Doing Statistics in Second Language Research Using SPSS (Second Language Acquisition Research Series)
Substantive Orientation: Second Language Acquisition, Language Testing
Statistical Orientation: Experimental & Exploratory (Correlation-based)
Applied/Theoretical: Applied
How Software is Used: Data Analysis
Problem Sets: No
Data Analysis: Yes
Presentation: Yes
Exams: No