Indiana University Bloomington

Sociology S651
Topics In Quantitative Sociology: Social Network Analysis

Contact: ( 2012-10-24
Offered: Fall, 2014
Capacity: 20
Pre-Requisites: A basic understanding of logistic regressions.
Algebra Required: No
Calculus Required: No
Contact Person for Authorization: Yes, from the graduate secretary.
Instructor: Weihua An
Syllabus: No Syllabus Avaliable
Description: Interests in social network analysis have EXPLODED in the past few years. Aimed to examine social relationships and interactions from structural perspectives, social network analysis has become an essential tool for us to understand a variety of social issues, including organizational dynamics, political interactions, health behaviors, friendships, communications, etc. This course covers the major methods to collect, represent, and analyze social network data, and the latest advances in statistical network modeling. Students will learn hands-on skills to conduct their own research using popular software such as “statnet” in R and UCINet.
Substantive Orientation: Social Sciences, informatics, statistics.
Statistical Orientation: Computational and statistical
Software: R
Data Analysis: Yes
Exams: Midterm