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Education P501
Statistical Methods Applied To Education

Capacity: 15
Sequence: EDUC Y502 Intermediate Statistics Applied to Education
Pre-Requisites: none
Algebra Required: none
Calculus Required: none
Contact Person for Authorization: No
Days Per Week Offered: One lecture including the computer lab, on Friday mornings
Recommended follow-up classes: EDUC Y502
Syllabus: No Syllabus Avaliable
Keywords: applied statistics, SPSS
Description: This is a course designed primarily for graduate students with a more applied and slower pace than Y502. Topics covered in this course include descriptive statistics and elementary inferential statistics (e.g., correlation, t-test, analysis of variance, simple regression). The course is a combination of mini lectures, problem-solving and SPSS exercises.
Books: Kirk, R. E. (2008). Statistics-An introduction (5th ed.,), Belmont, CA: Thomson Wadsworth.
Substantive Orientation: social and behavioral sciences
Statistical Orientation: applied and traditional
Applied/Theoretical: very applied
Software: SPSS
How Software is Used: computation and data analysis
Problem Sets: yes with most involving data analysis and interpretation
Data Analysis: yes
Presentation: yes
Exams: none