Indiana University Bloomington

Education Y527
Educational Assessment And Psychological Measurement

Contact: Dubravka Svetina (
Offered: Fall, Every Year
Capacity: 22
Sequence: This is the first course in measurement sequence
Pre-Requisites: Y502 or any basic (introductory) graduate course in statistics
Algebra Required: No
Calculus Required: No
Contact Person for Authorization: No
Instructor: Dubravka Svetina (in the past, Dr. Ginette Delanshere has taught the course)
Days Per Week Offered: 1 per week; no computer lab
Recommended follow-up classes: Y617 ? Psychometric Theory (second measurement course) and Y627 ? Advanced Psychometric Theory (third measurement course)
Syllabus: No Syllabus Avaliable
Keywords: measurement; test-score meaning; reliability; validity; test development; ethical considerations
Description: By the end of the course, students should be able to define good measurement procedures and understand how to apply relevant concepts and procedures to real-life measurement issues and situations. In particular, students should be able to explain the role of measurement in scientific inquiry, apply the basic principles and procedures of statistics and measurement theory to measurement, interpret test scores, evaluate the adequacy of reliability and validity evidence, and adequately address problems involved in psychological measurement.
Books: textbook: Thorndike, R. M., & Thorndike-Christ, T. (2010). Measurement and evaluation in psychology and education (8th Ed). New York: Pearson. Other lecture notes; multiple peer-reviewed articles assigned as appropriate.
Substantive Orientation: Education, psychology (and social sciences)
Statistical Orientation: N/A
Applied/Theoretical: Some topics are more theoretical, while others are more applied
Software: None
How Software is Used: N/A
Problem Sets: Yes, many involve interpretation of analyses and concepts learned in class (e.g., research scenarios which would drive utilization of particular techniques)
Data Analysis: Yes, as part of homework and/or in class discussion
Presentation: Yes, class presentation
Exams: Yes, generally one in class midterm and one take home (final)