Indiana University Bloomington


Education Y627
Advanced Psychometric Theory

Contact: Dubravka Svetina ( Fall 2015
Capacity: 22
Sequence: This is the third course in our measurement sequence
Pre-Requisites: Y502 or any basic (introductory) graduate course in statistics; Y527 course (Educational Assessment and Psychological Measurement) or equivalent; Y617 (Psychometric theory) or equivalent
Algebra Required: Some used to understand concepts in papers
Calculus Required: Some used to understand concepts in papers
Contact Person for Authorization: No
Instructor: Dubravka Svetina
Days Per Week Offered: 1 per week; no computer lab
Syllabus: No Syllabus Avaliable
Keywords: Item response theory; model fit; estimation; cognitive modeling; differential item functioning; multidimensional models; other specialized topics in modern measurement
Description: The purpose of this course is to provide detailed introductions to advanced topics in item response theory, including parameter estimation, assessment of model-fit and model assumptions; and applications of the models in assessment systems and multidimensional models.
Books: No book; selected chapters and journal articles will be assigned for each topic
Substantive Orientation: Education, psychology, and other social sciences
Applied/Theoretical: Both aspects are utilized in readings
How Software is Used: TBA if any
Problem Sets: TBA if any
Data Analysis: Possibly yes, as part of course project that student decides
Presentation: Yes, class presentation and paper on IRT topic
Exams: Yes, generally one take home midterm
Comments: I have not taught this course yet, so many of these are only estimations; I will have a better idea in the summer/fall when I am scheduled to teach it (Fall 2013)