Indiana University Bloomington

Education Y650
Data Analysis And Programming Using Sas

Contact: Joanne Peng ( 2012-10-15
Offered: Fall, Every Year
Capacity: 15
Sequence: EDUC Y502 Intermediate Statistics Applied to Education and Y604 Multivariate Statistics
Pre-Requisites: EDUC Y502, Y603, and EDUC Y520/Y521
Algebra Required: none
Calculus Required: none
Contact Person for Authorization: No
Instructor: Chao-Ying Joanne Peng
Days Per Week Offered: 1 time a week on Friday mornings
Recommended follow-up classes: a number of Y and S courses
Syllabus: No Syllabus Avaliable
Keywords: SAS programming, descriptive statistics, inferential statistics
Description: This seminar will expose students to the versatility and power of SAS? for data analysis and file management. Specifically, students will learn and master techniques such as, verifying and recoding data, repetitive and conditional data processing, merging and updating date files. In addition, methods for verifying statistical assumptions (normality and randomness), for treating missing data, for making inferences based on categorical data (contingency table analysis and logistic regression modeling) will be introduced using SAS commands.
Books: Peng, C. Y. (2009). Data Analysis Using SAS?. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc. Tabachnick, B. G., & Fidell, L. S. (2007). Using multivariate statistics (5th ed.). Needham Heights, MA: Allyn & Bacon. Website at
Substantive Orientation: social and behavioral sciences
Statistical Orientation: data analysis and programming
Applied/Theoretical: applied
Software: SAS, Excel, and R
How Software is Used: computation and data analysis
Problem Sets: yes with most involving data analysis and interpretation
Data Analysis: yes
Presentation: yes
Exams: None