Indiana University Bloomington

Public Health Q601
Experimental Analysis And Design

Contact: Zhongxue Chen
Offered: Spring, Every Year
Capacity: 30
Sequence: After taking Q501 (Intermediate Statistics in Public Health), before taking Q602 (Multivariate Statistical Analysis)
Pre-Requisites: Q501 (Intermediate Statistics in Public Health)
Algebra Required: Notation only
Calculus Required: Concepts
Instructor: TBD
Days Per Week Offered: Two lectures a week; and one computer lab
Recommended follow-up classes: Q602, Q603, Q611, Q612
Syllabus: No Syllabus Avaliable
Keywords: Statistical-Inference; Experimental-Study-Designs
Description: This is a basic course in designing experiments, analyzing the resulting data and interpreting the results. It deals with the types of experiments that are frequently conducted. The prerequisite background is a basic working knowledge of statistical methods. You will need to know how to compute and interpret the sample mean and standard deviation, have previous exposure to the normal distribution, be familiar with the concepts of testing hypotheses, constructing and interpreting a confidence interval, and model-fitting using the method of least squares.
The course objective is to learn how to plan, design and conduct experiments efficiently and effectively, and analyze the resulting data to obtain objective conclusions. Both design and statistical analysis issues are discussed. Computer software packages (Minitab) to implement the methods presented will be illustrated extensively, and you will use it for homework assignments and the term project.
Books: Required
Design and Analysis of Experiments, 8th Ed., 2012, by Douglas C. Montgomery. John Wiley & Sons, ISBN 978-1-118-14692-7.
Statistical Orientation: Experimental
Applied/Theoretical: applied with explanations (not derivations) of statistical foundations.
Software: MiniTab
How Software is Used: data analysis
Problem Sets: Yes, with most involving analysis and interpretation of data.
Data Analysis: Yes as part of problem sets
Presentation: Yes
Exams: Yes